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Treefort’s Alefort is the best beerfest I’ve been to since Oktoberfest in Munich. What made this year’s Alefort different was that the tents were organized by beer type instead of by brand. For example, there was a section for hoppy beers, one for sours and another for ciders. Another distinguishing element is that no beers (ales, ciders or what have you) were sold in plastic cups. All sales were poured into metal cups or reusable glasses that could be bought, rented or brought in (metal only) by participants.


The offerings were diverse in brand, style, exotic flavors, strength and intensity. Options included beers with hot peppers, coffee, and strawberry coconut to name a few. Categories on the flavor wheel included Tart, Funky, Citrusy, Fruity and Barrel-y. Each category housed different breweries which crafted their versions of their own under each category.


Each order was paid for with pre-purchased tokens ($3.50 each). A purchase option might be one or two tokens per. What determines the cost of each selection was determined by a secret process buried in the Mueller report and will not be revealed to the public.

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