by Brian McKay

Pre-Funk counts down the days to Treefort throughout the year.

Pre-Funk counts down the days to Treefort throughout the year.

It’d been a stressful day at the office and the energy didn’t feel like it was there. Yes, there was actual contemplation of skipping out on the first night of Treefort. Thankfully, that thought was overridden.

Starting a little late, the walk from my parking garage into the Fort went right by Pre-Funk. For anyone that doesn’t know Pre-Funk, the bar counts down the days to Treefort all throughout the year. A small stage and a lively crowd made it a perfect first stop. Honestly, I’d never been to Pre-Funk.

The Weary Times

The Weary Times


The beauty of Treefort is that you walk in somewhere and never know exactly what you’re going to get other than awesome music. Some vintage blues and vintage rock n’ roll were a perfect start and a total mood lifter. The Weary Times put on a great show. With pant legs rolled up, The Weary Times put on a hell of a show.

After a short chat with the professional announcer and all around interesting guy Yeti, who has been all around the world, energy was flowing and the next stop was El Korah Temple.

For anyone not familiar with El Korah, some of the coolest bands play there throughout the festival. Two bars are available and those Shriners have a welcoming place for everyone.

$100 in cash and $20 in drink tokens was the set up for a fabulous evening.

Maybe too fabulous, if there is such a thing.

The band Martha Stax was already playing. A minimalist art rock band from Portland, we were privy to a song about a pretty cat, a mom who wasn’t present and some great horns. Yeah, it was kind of reminiscent of Portlandia.

Lounge of Fire is one of the most fun acts you will ever see and they were up next. This is simply a true party band. Tight is an understatement to how good these guys sound. That was the highlight of the night.

Chase from Waker

Chase from Waker

On to a quick Burger at the newly opened Good Burger on Main st. Soooo good. Go have one. Then a walk to the Reef. One of the best places for live music in Boise, the Reef is always fun. Waker, from Nashville, killed it. I had met the guys early and told them I’d be there. Wow. So glad I showed up.

A mixture of soul, rock and jam, these guys shouldn’t be missed. It’s no wonder their tour schedule is booked. If you’re in Salt Lake City tonight, go see them.

Truly, I hope I see these guys again.

2 am, back to the car and home. Yep. Apparently I only walked 3 miles last night. Today will triple that.

Holy shit, it is already 4 pm. I better get out there.