We at zenruption are excited to be covering Treefort this year. Brian McKay, Lila Eidi and I will be attending a wide spectrum of events, taking pictures, writing reviews and articles about what we discover. Treefort is a five-day music festival which has grown to provide much more than eclectic beats. There are many “forts” which present various opportunities to explore topics from Alefort (the description is obvious in its name) to Filmfort (where there are symposia on various independent films with industry insiders who can inspire as well as instruct) to Yogafort, Kidfort, Storyfort, Hackfort, Skatefort, Comedyfort and the necessary Foodfort.

Treefort began in 2013 when it attracted 260 bands across 14 venues within 3 forts. This year’s event will include 469 forts across 27 venues within 9 forts. The event has grown every year due to its entertaining mix of events, attractions, proximity, inclusivity and energy. There is a little something for everyone and if there is a criticism it is that there is too much.

Watch this space for photos, updates, reviews and stories. We hope to see you there