Too far to walk but not far enough to Uber? Want to zip around Boise with the speed of a superhero but the cost of pocket change (electric pockets of course)? Then scooters are the way to go. Two escooter sharing services, Bird and Lime began providing their transportation services in Boise last fall. An additional company, Spin, is set to join the ranks. These companies use apps to find nearby scooters, pay to unlock them, then charge your account for the ride based on initiation and time on the vehicle.



These scooters use GPS so they don’t have to be returned to docks and the app tells you how charged each on is. These scooters do require some getting used to and caution, but they are a convenient and inexpensive way to traverse the downtown area. They are the perfect option for taking advantage of the upcoming music festival, Treefort.

We ultimately appreciate these devices zooming around town because they disrupt how we move in a positive, efficient, inexpensive and eco-friendly way, and that is the essence of zenruption.

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