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We all need to indulge in some serious decluttering every once in a while, especially in the office. How well your office stays organized can influence how others perceive your level of professionalism. It can affect your productivity too. The following office decluttering tips will help you organize your office and ensure that it stays that way:

Go digital

Digitizing your documents and notes can help you get rid of most of the paper-based clutter. Chances are, you probably don’t use most of the documents, sticky-notes, business cards and other notes in your office on a regular basis. So instead of keeping them around, hoping they might someday come in handy, digitize them so you can still access them when you need to. You can do this by:

  • Get a scanned copy of the documents on your phone so you can store them for future use.

  • Use note taking apps instead of jotting down your notes on paper. Apps such as Google Docs and Evernote can even allow you to synchronize them on more than one device through the cloud so you don’t lose them.

Purchase some organizational supplies

Invest in some supplies which will help you organize your work stuff. These could include supplies such as a sturdy filing system, magazine bins, and a drawer organizer that’s fitted with a number of slots so you can store your, paper clips, pens and other office keepsakes. While choosing the supplies, make sure that you consider the functionality as well as aesthetics so they also express your personality. Sometimes, get recommendations from Clean Group Commercial Cleaning to give professional touch to your office.

Get rid of what you don’t need

An office decluttering project wouldn’t be complete if you don’t discard of supplies and belongings that have no practical function in the office. Hoarding can end up creating an unsightly clutter in the work place. To help you go about this step a lot faster, you could organize your belongings in three categories; keep sakes, items that should be discarded or recycled and those that should be placed somewhere else. 

If you’re sentimental and can’t seem to let go of some of your office items even though they’re practically useless, you could find a new place to keep them (like in your home garage). You should also sort out the recyclable items such as plastics that you can still use and discard the ones that are unworthy to be kept such as empty bottles, leaflets and broken office items.

Organize the cables

Controlling the many cables in the office may seem like a never-ending battle. Aside from them being many that you simply can’t work without, they also seem to be running in different directions and taking over the office. Whether it’s laptop or phone chargers, headphone cables, or HDMI cords, they can be tamed and converted from an unsightly mess to a better organized and tidy arrangement. 

You can do this by buying cable management tools from an office supply store or better still, make one by yourself. Shoeboxes and rain gutters can be transformed to a cable management tool, all you have to do is use a bit of creativity.

Organize your Desktop and Email

If your office is cluttered, chances are that your desktop also is. Decluttering your desktop and your email can help you focus on your work a lot better. Sort out the desktop files by putting all the documents in their appropriate files and deleting the files that are no longer in use. 

Your Email can also stay better organized by going through your inbox and deleting the unimportant ones. To ensure that the email stays decluttered, you should set aside time to regularly respond to your emails and keep your inbox in check.

Following the above tips will help you stay more productive and ensure that your office stays decluttered so you can stay motivated as you go about your daily work routine.