by Lina Martinez

If you are running a company that delivers goods to customers or wholesalers, it is important that you manage your fleet efficiently and avoid problems that might cost you penalties, reputation damage, or even your entire business. Make sure that you are able to manage your employees, your deliveries, and get updates on every order regularly, so you can see clearly and spot problems early. Here are some tips for you to make your fleet safe and operational.

Employee Training

Truck drivers are often called professional drivers, but this is not always the case, It is your responsibility to choose and train the best people who will not only complete the assignments on time, but also offer exceptional customer service and comply with the rules of the road. You have to remember that your drivers are representing your company, and they are operating a vehicle with your name on. Providing training for your staff can help you manage your reputation and public image.


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Image via Pixnio

If you want to keep your fleet safe, you will need to have a maintenance schedule in place. You might sign up for a monthly plan with a local company, so you can be sure that everything is as it should be, and there are no faults that can increase the risk of accidents. After all, you will not only be liable for the damage caused, but your employees might sue you for negligence, too, if you could have prevented the accident.


To ensure nothing can affect your business, not even a truck accident that was caused by a careless driver, you will need to get adequate insurance in place. There are plenty of great plans that will cover all your drivers and vehicles, and allow you to monitor the habits of your employees behind the wheel, as well. If you get a black box installed in your vehicle, you can prove that  your drivers didn’t cause the accident in case there is a claim against them.


While there are rules and regulations you need to follow to be in the transportation and shipping business, you will also have to create your own in-house policies, when it comes to certain situations and how to deal with them. If you are not sure how to draft the employee policies, you might want to get in touch with an industry expert.

Tracking Facilities

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Image via Wikimedia Commons

If you want to stay in charge of your business, you need to have the means to monitor each process and delivery. Having a tracking facility implemented in your logistics system will help you understand your productivity issues and plan for improvement, implementing positive changes in your workflow. Tracking vehicles and shipment will tell you how long each process takes in your company.

If you would like to avoid unexpected problems in your delivery business, it is important that you collect information, train your staff, and create your own internal policies. Have adequate maintenance and insurance plans in place, and you can make sure nothing stands between you and your business success.