I think that we can all agree that website is important in today's market. In fact, they may just be the most important aspect of any marketing campaign. But how, in a specialized field such a medicine can you ensure you make yours as effective at attracting and converting leads as possible? Read on for the definitive guide.

Simple is best

These days a website needs to be all singing and all dancing to be the best. But that doesn't mean they have to all over the place visually. In fact, it can work a lot better if you go for a simplified understated visual theme. That means clear and stylish text and images that convey professionalism, rather than a block of info no one is going to read, especially on the first page.

When clients first see your page they want a clear sense of what you can do to make their lives better, and how they can contact you to get the ball rolling. So these two things should be a priority for a medical website, before anything else.

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SEO rules

However, that isn't to say that website structure needs to be simple. In fact, the sophistication needs to be in the way your website is constructed. As this that can be utilized to push your rankings up the search engines when potential clients look for particular medical terms.

SEO is vital in getting leads, because it alerts potential client to your presence responsively, depending on what they type into a search engine. That means you have a much better chance of reaching your desired demographic than you would with other marketing techniques.


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Also, consider writing a blog for your website. Again this can work wonders in getting you to move up the natural search engine ranks.

But it also has another clever use, as recommended by Foster Web Marketing. That is that they can be used as a platform to offer advice to your clients in areas that you have specialized training. Such as your particular area of medicine.

This is something that will both attract and direct traffic to your site, again bringing you leads that are much more relevant, so much easier to convert into real clients.

Video content

Another way to dominate the website game is to include some video content on your site. This can help in two ways. Firstly it helps push your page up to the search engine rankings.

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It can also help you close leads, because humanizing the service that you provide can build client trust. A vital closing technique to gain clients in the medical field.

Chat boxes

This idea of confidence also applies to the use of chat boxes on your website. These provide a chance for the customers to ask questions, receive reassurance, and also make genuine contact with a representative of your business.


In a world where everything is online, having some authentic contact with a person that can answer queries in real time can make all the difference in converting the lead into a client.