For a long time, the media has portrayed violent video games as the leading cause of horrific events such as school shootings and crime. Psychiatrists, in particular, are trying to find links between violent video games and aggressive behavior. Their findings have been limited and there’s only a risk in increasing your aggression if you expose yourself to violent video games. However, there has been on conclusive evidence to suggest that video games cause violent behavior.

On the other hand, there have been some studies that have shown video games to actually reduce stress and combat depression. More research is needed to make these results conclusive, but there are numerous articles and first-hand accounts of video games not only reducing stress, but also saving lives. There are numerous benefits to playing video games and here are just a few.

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Video Games for Cheap Thrills

Many people play video games for the thrill of it. For instance, you might play an extreme sports title, you might drive at incredible speeds or you might fly a fighter jet and shoot down enemies. Whatever it is, it’s an adrenaline rush and escapism because we couldn’t possibly imagine doing those things in real life. These thrills don’t cost as much as paying for an experience day and we can do them in the comfort of our own home.

Let’s take the most traditional gaming thrill we have: gambling. Instead of flying out to Las Vegas and visiting the world’s finest casinos and putting money on the line, you can visit a website and play online casino games for lower stakes, high stakes or even no stakes if you just want to experience the thrill of putting virtual money on the line. You can check here for some of the most popular only casino games you can play.

The burst of adrenaline and “fun” we get from a video game can work wonders against stress because it takes our mind off of the depressing things in our mind and calms our nerves. With enough regular gaming, we can essentially replace those negative thoughts with positive ones and continue our day without feeling awful.

A Safe Place to Vent or Relax

Sometimes, our stress can be overwhelming and lead us to do things that we normally wouldn’t. For instance, pent-up stress might make us shout at our peers or act aggressively towards other people. Video games present a safe and controlled environment to vent stress and release some of that frustration. This is why violent video games are misunderstood—the player isn’t going to commit those horrific acts in public, they’re just venting stress.

The are other games that are on the opposite end of the violence spectrum. Instead of shooting and killing, some games focus on more peaceful activities such as farming, exploration or even building and managing a city. These games are far more relaxing and instead of testing our motor skills, they exist to calm our nerves and give us a relaxing way to pass the time.