Home sweet home! The place you retire to after a hard day’s work or a fun day out. Regardless of where you’ve been, it’s always comforting when you turn your key in the front door, walk in and can kick your feet up in your own, personal space. Think about it. When you’ve had a wonderful holiday you probably get that sinking feeling when boarding the plane. Subtly wishing you could stay in your paradise destination forever and dreading heading back to your day to day life. But as soon as you walk through your front door, you feel that warm, fuzzy feeling. Happy to see your bits and bobs and settling right back into your home comforts. No matter how lovely a time you’ve had elsewhere, the old saying still rings true: home is where the heart is. So it’s surprising that we still neglect our little safe havens. It’s understandable. You’re often caught up in other aspects of life and home repairs, alterations and improvements can often slip to the back of your mind. Other things end up coming first. Sorting family members out, preparing for work, avoiding the pull of everyday life with nights on the sofa and entertaining guests. That’s okay! Your home isn’t going to crumble because you haven’t had a chance to repaint the garden fence in the past couple of years. But there are definitely certain home repairs that should be faced sooner rather than later. So read on for a quick run through of essential alterations that you should really make time for.

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Uneven Exterior Flooring

We’ve all been there. Tripping over some uneven flooring as we carry our grocery shopping from the car into the home. Stubbing a toe on a crack in the paving in the back garden. Attempting to cycle to work but having to wrestle the wobbly pavement on your front garden first. Uneven exterior flooring is a potential hazard and can result in injuries or general discomfort on a daily basis. So don’t leave it unchallenged until you experience a truly bad injury. It’s time to finally get around to concrete repair. Unless you happen to be a qualified construction worker or builder, you’re probably going to have to call in the professionals. But don’t worry: the end results will be completely worth the time, money and effort. So, if you have flaking or concrete cracking, questionable rust stains emanating from your concrete, visual bubbling of concrete render or a hollow sound coming from beneath your concrete, don’t hesitate to get it repaired quick time. Otherwise, you may face serious structural issues and other dangers in the near future. Think of your safety! Besides, once the repair work has been completed, the exterior of your home will look significantly neater, cleaner and in better overall condition.

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Roof Repair

One of the most important and vital aspects of your home is quite literally the roof over your head. This is what protects you, your family and belongings from the elements. So it’s important that you ensure it is in full working, high-quality order. Don’t turn a blind eye to drips and leaks. A bucket placed underneath the spot won’t fix the problem. Especially not when the small hole becomes a gaping void after years of neglect. Combat problems as soon as you find them, regardless of the type of roofing that you have one your home. Problems will be quickly recognized if you have a loft conversion, as leaks will be falling directly into your living space. But if you have a general loft used for storage, you might not notice issues for a longer period of time. Regularly check your attic space, don’t just leave it until you get the Christmas decorations down. This way you can rectify problems more quickly. This will be cheaper and more effective. Look from the outside of your home to check whether any of your tiles have come loose. You don’t want them falling on anyone’s head once they’re dislodged. Call in a roofing professional if you notice anything missing or becoming loose. If you have a thatched roof, extra precautions will need to be taken. Firstly, you face the added problems of birds attempting to steal your thatch. Who can blame them? They have nests to build and a thatched roof offers a huge, easy supply of padding and bedding for their eggs and newly born chicks. But if you’re not careful, you will begin to notice significant damage to your home at the expense of the local bird colony’s cozy new homes. Ensure that your thatched roof has a net cover. This is discreet and cannot be seen from a distance, but also keeps everything neat, tidy and together.

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Broken Windows

We’ve all experienced a broken window in our time. Glass is one of the world’s most fragile materials and can break pretty easily. There are all sorts of things that can go wrong. Kids accidentally kicking a ball into the window, confused birds flying directly into the glass pane, heavy hail shattering weak window panes. Obviously, if your window goes straight through, you’re likely to get it fixed straight away. You don’t want the elements blowing in or potential thieves spotting easy and relatively discreet access to your home. But if the break is small or just a little crack, many people are more likely to ignore the problem. It’s not seen as so serious. But you should take note and get repairs underway immediately. Firstly, smaller creatures and creepy crawlies will be given easy access to your home through a crack. You don’t want a rodent invasion in the kitchen. This will result in extra time, cash and effort in rectifying the situation. Secondly, you may hurt yourself on exposed cracked glass. It only takes brushing up the area and you could get a cut or catch clothes. Thirdly, you will end up paying out more through the extra heating required to combat the loss of heat through cracks and minor breaks. So don’t delay. As soon as you see the problem arise, call in help.