By Lina Martinez

Human relationships take work. We could approach the whole thing just as transactions if it weren't for the fact that relationships aren't economics. We have those things called emotions and find substantial value in our relationships. They can be with co-workers, family, friends and of course with your significant other.

The most important things in life are happiness and inner peace. Both are direct functions of our relationships. Strong relationships can influence how long we live, how often we become sick and our effectiveness in our work. It is no surprise that loneliness has been declared to be more detrimental to one's health than smoking.

To that end, we have included four TED talks around furthering the quality of our relationships.

Jenna McCarthy, author of fiction and non-fiction books shares some research on how our marriage relationships really work. Enjoy and zenrupt.

Brene Brown discusses the power of vulnerability. As a researcher at the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work, she has studied how we belong and love.

Joan Halifax is a Zen priest that understands some things about compassion and empathy.

What is the secret to desire in a long term relationship? Esther Perel will tell you how from her research. Watch to find out how to do it.