By Brian McKay

I just saw a video of some guy named Tai Lopez. He's an asshole that shows you his Lamborghini and his huge house in Beverly Hills. Basically, the whole video is “look at me I’m rich and you can be too”. You have probably seen his video pop up on Facebook or before a Youtube video. I hope he sees this article. Actually, I hope he sees it and it pisses it him off enough to comment on it and start a war of words with me. Why? Because I will gladly make him look like the total scamming bitch he really is.

Tai Lopez, if you see this please know you are a complete tool taking advantage of average people so you can have some fake ass house you rent in Beverly Hills. I despise people like you. You are screwing people over at $67 a month and hell has a special place for people like you.

So Tai has devised a formula that so many Americans fall for, believing that we are meant to be rich and there is an easy way to get there. There are practitioners everywhere that will reaffirm that you are special and meant to experience true prosperity. If you practice what they tell you or pray to who they tell you, you can be successful.

Yep, you have just made someone else a bunch of cash by even considering that junk. None of it is real or ever works. Try unsubscribing from Tai’s crappy newsletter thingy shitty thing. Yeah you can’t until you call your bank and have them block it. It’s a scam.

Want to know the real secret of The Secret? They made a buttload of money and you got nothing but thinking you had manifested that great parking spot you just got. Yep, that is all you got for buying that book and DVD. Anything else you think you got is just a coincidence as well. The universe doesn’t owe you anything. If you think it does, try telling that to the kid in Africa dressed with the t-shirt of the recent losing Super Bowl Team who is food deprived and needing a clean water source. You were lucky just to be born here so stop thinking you deserve more and making assholes like Tai Lopez rich.

If you haven’t fully figured it out yet, I hate people like Tai. Joel Osteen? Complete asshole and his wife is just nasty. I have a feeling she gets down with the pool boy while her tool of a husband is planning his next sermon that takes more money from poor people.

Crefio Dolllar trying to get his parishioners to buy him private a G6 jet to spread his ministry? Yeah he is an asshole too.

The entire realm of prosperity doctrine is an evil aberration that tells the poor and desperate that God wants them to be rich. All you need to do is just send some seed money to help grow this ministry and you can have it all. Those that profit from this do the worst kind of thing in exploiting people’s faith to enrich themselves. They take from the poor and desperate while claiming it is all for God.

Honestly, I would love nothing more than each of these assholes to see this and want to sue me just so i could call them out in a court. I spent years telling my elderly grandmother not to send money to Benny Hinn Ministries because men of God don’t wear $2500 suits. Yeah he’s another complete asshole.

The United States has become inundated with these con-men since the downturn, but they have always existed here more than any other country. We Americans spawn the vast majority of multi-level marketing companies that sell miracle cures. Citizen’s of the United States are the major target of all those Nigerian scammers that tell you they have an illegal fortune they wish to move to your bank account. In the U.S. we also consume more self help books and books on manifesting prosperity than any other country. It should come as no surprise that research show that  Americans are twice as likely to experience the placebo effect than any other nationality.

Essentially, we Americans are really good at wanting success and wealth, wanting to believe in easy routes to getting there and letting these con men take advantage of us all. Its is time to deprive all these people of their revenue sources. Promise me you will never, ever subscribe to anything or send money to anyone that claims easy wealth. If you feel the slightest urge to do so, email someone on the zenruption team and we promise to talk you off the ledge.

So if you see a Tai Lopez video online, please leave in the comments that Brian McKay at zenruption thinks he is a special type of asshole. Piss him off for me.

As an added bonus, and for today only, I am including the zenruption special sauce free of charge. This comprehensive guide will tell you how to achieve true success in life.

Here it is:

  • Practice or learn self love
  • Value experiences over possessions
  • Always be true to your word
  • Never miss an opportunity to learn
  • Let go of things that don’t matter
  • Be open to new and exciting things
  • Always approach others with empathy and compassion.

That’s it. Everything you need for a successful life is right there and it didn’t cost you $67 a month. Take that Tai Lopez. I just gave it away for free.

Brian McKay is a co-founder of zenruption and has his MBA from Boise State University. He is contemplating a trip to L.A. just to punch that Tai guy in the nose. That wouldn’t be very zen. Resist the urge Brian.





Feature photo courtesy of Flickr, under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license