By Sharon Jones

We can make things easier on ourselves when promoting our business by outsourcing certain processes. However, when the goal is to acquire as much interest as possible, by any local event to get people coming to you, giving your duties over to another party feels a bit disingenuous. When you are using a local event, either for the benefit of the community, or you are trying to get the locals together, an event in the open air can be a double-edged sword. What are the best things to implement to make sure it goes smoothly?

Check All Of The Legalities

Have you got adequate permits? If you don't have anything of the sort, and you don't have the relevant knowledge related to the health and safety of what comes with an outdoor event, you could easily get the event shut down. This is going to have a devastating impact on your business. Basically, no permits means no event!

Make The Venue Comfortable

Hosting an outdoor events means that your guests have to be comfortable. Make sure that you provide the basic amenities, from drinking water to a portable toilet, or portable air conditioners, these all have to be thought of. If you don't plan for hygiene and sanitation, you will have many people leaving the event.

Keep The Bigger Picture In Mind

Logistics is the biggest thing to keep a handle on during a outdoor event. Having a schedule to hand, especially if you are hosting live entertainment, will keep everything running smoothly. But also, make sure you have consistent communication with the other staff members. Or if you are working with an events coordinator, make sure that you and that person are on the same wavelength, because there's no time for error.

Make Sure Everyone Is Safe

Not just in relation to health and safety, but consider the weather for the day. Make appropriate backup plans, should the weather not go your way, and have a contingency plan if the electrics go awry. Backup plans are vital, not just for the safety of your guests, but it's beneficial to keep the event ticking over.

Plan For Post Event Duties

While the event has finished, and it went off perfectly, your work isn't over! You need to make sure that the venue is in the same condition as before you set foot on it. Either have a conversation with the local sanitation department for implementing a clean up operation, or discussing with the local council how best to fix everything quickly, these approaches will benefit you after the event as much as the effort you put into the event itself. Especially if you've been given a strict curfew, it's important to make sure that all hands are on deck, and you've got the appropriate amount of staff.

While most businesses go for a trade show approach to communicate their company and words, a local event, or a live event can have a far-reaching impact, especially if you're looking to put the customer first instead of the clients. By running a local event, this makes it all about your business, and can help foster new clients, but it puts the customer front and center.

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