By Sharon Jones

One of the main challenges that face employers is to create an office space that is both practical and comfortable for their staff. If you get the balance just right, you will find that your staff becomes extremely efficient and motivated. They will have everything they need to get their work done. But will also find the office environment extremely inviting and relaxing. So which thoughtful extras can take your office into the right direction? Here are some of our favorites.





Breakout Rooms


Breakout rooms are the latest trend in all kinds of workspaces. Especially in the offices of cool startups. But what exactly is a breakout room? It is just a fancy break room. The only difference is that these new trendier rooms have plenty of leisure amenities. Think about adding table football tables and plenty of comfy sofas. You should also include lots of snacks and drinks so that your employees can get refreshments. The benefit of one of these breakout rooms is that your employees can recharge their batteries fully during their break. They will then return to work fully refreshed and raring to go!

Data Centres


Now that companies are all focused on the tech side of business, it is very important that you have ITE Projects Data Centres. These are rooms where you will store the main components of your computer network. This will be the nerve centre of your IT infrastructure. You should ensure that all your important and sensitive data and files are stored on hardware that is kept in your data centre. This can help to keep it extra secure against hackers and computer viruses.





Wearable Technology


Another great advantage of doing business in the 21st Century is that we now have the benefit of using wearable technology. Do some of your employees keep on misplacing their company tablets or smartphones? That can be a problem of the past thanks to wearable technology. Wearables simply take all the tech that is in portable devices and puts it into wearable accessories. So you can now buy smart watches that you can use to call and message people. They can also help keep you organized and will beep whenever it is time for your next meeting!


A Pleasant Decor


Tell your employees that they can bring in personal photos and paintings from home to decorate their cubicles or offices. This can help to give your whole office space a homely feel which can improve your staff’s morale. When you are decorating the office, you should also think about using neutral pastel shades. Don’t go for bright and bold colours as these can get quite overwhelming. It is important to prevent your office from looking very sterile. This will give it a very bland and generic atmosphere, which won’t help motivate your employees at all.


Once you have utilised the above tips, you will find that your office environment really improves. Not only that, though, but your staff’s morale will increase as well as their productivity!

Sharon Jones is a contributor to zenruption and has her B.A. in political science from UCLA. As a new mother, she is interested in helping shape the world her daughter will inherit. She likes pina coladas and taking walks in the rain.