There are many hurdles an entrepreneur has to jump in the course of developing a successful business. However, one of the most daunting comes right at the start; actually taking action! While that first leap of faith can feel extremely nerve-wracking, modern entrepreneurs have it pretty easy when you look at the big picture! Here’s why getting started in business is easier than ever.



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The first reason why it’s so easy for budding CEOs to launch their venture is the growing number of platforms that make it so. Whether you’re starting a physical business with a digital presence, or something that can be run entirely from a computer, there are now countless online platforms designed to give you a leg-up into the world of business. For ecommerce operations, we now have Amazon Web Services, and pop-up platforms such as Etsy. Other, more niche-orientated platforms also exist such as this: . Obviously when you get caught up in all those daydreams about your business, I’m sure you don’t see its whole future as an Etsy store! However, there are many successful entrepreneurs who used platforms like this as a brilliant jumping-off point, and went on to found hugely successful ventures.


The state of modern technology has also made it much easier for start-up owners to raise money. Scraping together a lot of capital is one of the biggest challenges for individuals who want to start a business, but this hurdle is much lower than it has been in past decades. The cost of technology has been on a steady, downward slope for some time now, and because it’s so accessible you have access to a valuable, international marketplace. Through modern digital marketing techniques, you can reach the same sized audience as any big corporation, and still keep a cap on your expenses. Start-up finance has also become a lot simpler with the creation of investing platforms. Websites like this: have sprung up a lot over the past five years, dedicated to helping start-up owners connect with investors who have faith in their idea.



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Finally, once you’re actually up and trading, managing a business is a far simpler task than it has been in decades. Many people come across fantastic business ideas, but hold off because they think they don’t have what it takes to manage all aspects of a business. Managing every little thing properly can be a trial, but modern technology has come through with various tools and programs you can use to make managing your business much easier. From project management to payroll to manufacturing execution, there are now countless models of software which business owners are tapping into to simplify their business. Obviously, paying that many subscriptions for so many different services can become expensive. However, there’s no reason you can’t target your weaknesses, say accounting, and build it up from there.


If you thought your business idea would stay nothing but a dream, I hope this post has changed your mind. Running a business isn’t easy, but 2016 is certainly a good time for it!