by McKenzie Stalkenburg

One necessary part of a business that is growing and that becomes a success is to have employees that work for you in some capacity. It might be one, it may be ten, it could potentially be one hundred or more as your business grows. But there are main principles that remain the same when it comes to making employees feel comfortable and thrive within your business and it is accountable for each and everyone of them. So how do you do it? It is simple, you think about your business, you look at your actions, and you make changes. I wanted to share with you some of the ways that you could make your employees feel comfortable and therefore thrive within your business setting and environment.


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Think about the environment they work in

One of the first things to think about is the business environment that you are expecting people to work in. ften as a business owner or manager, you get on wit things. But if you are employing people then there is a level of courtesy that you need to consider. Do you have a place where people can make drinks? A decent water supply for drinks? Somewhere to store food or lunches perhaps? A little kitchen area goes a long way to keeping up morale in an office environment. You also might need to think about the temperature and airflow in the office. Warmer days will need things like open windows, fresh air or air conditioning t make the temperature more bearable. But in the flip side winter will require heating and a warmer environment in which to work in. Thinking of these small things can make a big difference.

Have you set goals and objectives?

The next thing you might want to consider when you have people working for you is whether or not you have set them realistic goals and objectives when it comes to your business. This means sales targets, it might mean admin tasks, objectives and goals for their business area of expertise. It gives people things to work towards.

Do they feel safe in work?

It may mean that you need to consider other aspects of your own qualifications, but you do need to ensure that your working environment is safe for your employees. So for example, if a member of staff was to fall ill or need first aid, that you, or someone in your business would be able to administer the first and things like cpr if needed. This is when keeping tabs on things like  the cpr certification renewal is an essential aspect of the business and the working environment.

Have you got the right health and safety policy in place?

On the subject of keeping people safe and happy in their working environment, you need to consider your health and safety policies and whether or not they are up to date. Regular risk assessments will ensure that you are considering every aspect of the business. This includes things like manufacturing or production areas as well as any business and office environment. They will all require different aspects of health and safety policies in place.

Have you set decent incentives?

Anyone who works in a sales environment will know that incentives can really play a huge part in motivating you to do more and better. Of course, while someone is employed to do a job, the added incentive can give them more of a purpose to ensure they do it, or at least perhaps do it quicker. Incentives can be anything from small tokes of gestures like bottles of wine or beer or cinema tickets, to bigger cash prizes or spot prizes like TV’s. This works well on weekends or evenings, if you happen to be chasing a target or needing to people to put in some extra effort.

Could you outsource certain aspects of your business to help people thrive?

Outsourcing can be a great way to take advantage of departments when you don’t ordinarily need them doing all f the time. So it can then help free up the people that do work for you to concentrate on the jobs where their skills lie best. It might help your business to function more effectively.

Go above and beyond to help them personally

The next thing you could consider would be to go above and beyond to help them personally. This could be something within your business. Perhaps a goal they may have set for their career, or it could be that they have a personal matter that might need you to help or guide them when it comes to navigating work. Such as an illness, for example. Make sure you do help them.


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Could you relate better?

You may not realize you are doing this, but do you relate to the people you have working for you? Or do you perhaps feel that you above them in some way? This attitude isn’t going to get you anywhere when it comes to wanting people to work hard for you. Try and relate more and see the difference it could make.

Always back them up on the business line

There will come a time when a staff member might get it wrong. Perhaps make a bad decision or inform people misinformation. While you as the business owner or manager will need to do your best to rectify a situation, always have the back of your staff member. This helps to build up a level of respect to the employee. Of course, privately you can then discuss the issues and ensure that they don’t happen again. But for now, in front of the customer and even in front of other employees they will feel that they have your support. It can go a long way.

Be real and transparent

When someone asks you for feedback, are you honest? Do you skirt around the subject., avoid the confrontation, or wait for when there is an appropriate time or place? This isn't always the right way to go. If an employee asks for feedback or critique ber real and transparent. Give them your honest thoughts and opinions. It can really help them to move forward. As a result, the truth will harness better results, and could help improve overall [performance. It is in the best interest of you and your business to ensure you get the best out of anyone who works for you.

The little things do matter

As a rule in everyday life, we might believe that often it is the little things that make the biggest difference. Your partner telling you they love you, your children saying you are the best. That first sip of wine and beer ona  friday night or that hot coffee first thing in the morning. The same can be said for your employees. It is the little things that make a big difference. Saying thank you for a job well done. Showcasing good workmanship and giving good feedback. It can go a long way.

Are you thinking of their future?

Finally, are you thinking of their future when it comes to working for you? The last thing you want to do is lose good people to competitors or other companies out there. Harness their future. Discuss what they want from their career and then work with them to think about their future with you. They will thrive off the confidence you have and the loyalty on both parts.

I hope that these tips help you to make your employees in your business feel more comfortable and thrive in your business environment.