By Brian McKay

One of the most daunting things in life is moving. Believe it or not, it is ranked the third most stressful thing one can experience in life. Moving to a new city can create a host of new considerations that can ratchet that stress up even more.

 Photo courtesy of  Flickr

Photo courtesy of Flickr

Finding the right home and knowing it is waiting for you to move into can be a huge relief. Moving to a city of which you might know little, means a need for good guidance in order to match the lifestyle you want to have in a new environment. Schools, commute times, living space, outdoor activities, proximity to shopping and entertainment options, are all considerations that must be considered. Finding the right home can be even more challenging when you have limited time to search in the new city.

Ready to get moving?

zenruption decided to do the work of finding the most important tips to make your move easier and help you find the best new home.

The most important asset you can have when starting the search for a new home is a great realtor. Finding a realtor that specializes in helping those new to the area is essential to make sure everything is done right.

So… we went out and found two of the premier realtors in assisting those relocating and asked them for their tips. Jon Anderson and Mike Christianson of Idaho Home Reality, are specialists in relocation to the Boise, Idaho area and we thank them for helping us compile this list of tips.


  Mike Christianson “Coach Mike”                         Jon Anderson

Mike Christianson “Coach Mike”                         Jon Anderson


Let’s get to them.


Get a Lay of the Land

A first visit should involve getting a lay of the land and pin pointing the desirable areas of your new city. According to Jon, “We find that one of the most important things we do is give a tour of the city and discover what is important to our clients for the area they relocate to. It’s just as important to point out the nearby coffee shop and show recreational areas as is showing the home itself.”

A great realtor gets to know their customer and their lifestyle. Developing personal knowledge of a client and what matters to them is more important than just bombarding a client with a ton of listings.

See the Property at Different Times of Day

According to Mike, “Our clients are best served no just from seeing the property during the day but also seeing the property and surrounding area at night. It gives them a true feel of the area.”

An area might reflect the calmness a buyer wants during midday and be totally different during commute times. Make sure that your perfect house also reflects the right feel around it during different times of day.

If possible, it can also be worthwhile to experience the area on both a weekday and the weekend.

Know Thy Neighbor

Both Mike and Jon make sure to investigate the surrounding area when they take a client out to look at properties. As realtors, it is easy for them to identify properties that are rentals or lacking in upkeep. If properties are not properly maintained in the area, it could impact the value of the home on down the line.

Take a Walk

Walking a neighborhood is essential to getting the lowdown. Asking questions of the people in that neighborhood can reveal a wealth of information about the area. Realtors, such as Mike and Jon, make it a point to walk the neighborhood with their customers and ask the right questions.

“If you really want to find out about a neighborhood, it is great to take a walk and get all of the good and bad gossip. Meeting potential neighbors and hearing their stories can tell you a lot.”, says Jon.

Check Zoning

It might be a residential area currently but has there been zoning for mixed use or commercial use in the area? It’s always great to know that a night club won’t go in behind you in five years. This is something your realtor is always happy to assist with.

Know the Stats

Your realtor can show you crime statistics, traffic stats, average emergency response times and vital information regarding things like flood hazard. Rely on them. The more armed you are with such things, the fewer potential surprises you need to confront in the future.

Once you’ve found the right house you have cleared the biggest hurdle to relocating to a new city. Packing everything with a vision of the great house and neighborhood awaiting you can make all the difference.

Enjoy your new home and your new city!