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It has become a growing trend for many corporations to utilise a temporary staffing agency during peak times of production simply because of the time and effort saved in the hiring process. While the staff hired may only be temporary, the onboarding process can be long and laborious. In fact, most of the time it is more bother than it’s worth finding skilled temporary staff, so isn’t it easier to let a temp agency do the recruitment?

Each temporary worker should already be tested and interviewed so that you can choose from those who have already been qualified. If your company is seeking skilled staff, you might like to know how corporations work on finding skilled temporary staff through an agency. The following outlines some of what you need to know.

The Importance of Defining Your Needs

Before you begin contacting some of the most reputable temporary staffing agencies like, it is important to define your needs. Specific job requirements and pertinent skills must be well-outlined so that the agency is better able to match specific workers to the tasks you have in mind. For example, general office workers can be defined in a number of ways and duties will vary between businesses.

Some general office personnel will need to have some bookkeeping and accounting skills while others may need only be proficient in handling busy phones and an advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office. If you require highly skilled labourers with degrees in their field or other professional qualifications and licenses, this will be critical to note when addressing your needs. Companies have learned that in order to get the best talent for each job, they must be as specific as possible when outlining their needs.

You Must Know What to Ask

Even though the workers you employ through a temp agency will be working at your facility, you may want to know whether or not the agency carries insurance like liability for their temporary workers. Insurance cover is one of the ways in which your company can offset the costs and fees associated with working through an agency, so that is something you really should be looking at before contracting with them.

Also, you will want to ask how each agency you contact does the recruitment process. How do they assess specific skills and have they already checked each worker’s background? Do they offer some form of training to those who register with them for temporary work and is the progress of each worker checked while they are placed with a company?

Hiring Temps Who Are a Good Match

This is one very important question to ask and one which most larger corporations put at the top of their list of criteria. While some temporary workers sign a contract stating that they will not accept permanent employment with companies they are placed with, others are signed on in the hopes that they will indeed find permanent placement. However, each staffing agency has different contractual agreements with corporations they place staff with.

Most often there is what amounts to a ‘buy out’ option as a stipulation for releasing that temporary worker to a company they’ve been placed with. Each staffing agency has its own criteria for releasing temps from their contract which may mean both the employee and the corporation pay a fee for the release. Sometimes the company is responsible for paying those fees or percentages and other times it could be the worker who holds the responsibility to pay the fees associated with being released from their contract.

Your key takeaway here is that the process is twofold. Large corporations define their needs and then ask the right questions when seeking temporary staff. Get this right and you’ll get a good match every time.