by Sharon Jones

Picture the scene; you have a meeting with a supplier to whom you will possibly award a large and lucrative contract. However, when you arrive at their location, you are asked to wait for your contact in a small dingy room, containing a dirty chair and some old filing cabinets. Not much of a reception is it? In fact, it could even go on to affect your perception of the company and whether they can deliver the quality of product that you need. With that in mind, check out the guide below to creating a beautiful business reception areas so this problem won't occur in your company.


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The most significant focal point in a reception area is usually the desk. This is something that should be large and imposing but also reasonably low profile. The reason for this is that you want to create an impressive entrance, but one that seems inviting to visitors too.

At the desk, you will need to store practical details such as a signing in book, as well as professionally made visitors passes. You can even set up a small camera on a tripod that allows you to personalize each pass to ensure that security is as tight as possible.

It's also a good idea to have someone man the desk at all time; then they can greet visitors, as well as ensure ether need are met. Something that will ensure the first impressions your guests have of your business is a good one.


Something else that is vital in an active reception area is the flooring that you install. Reception areas tend to have a high footfall rate, and this means that carpeted surfaces, especially in light colors like cream can be hard to keep clean.

Instead, why not choose a more modern process for the flooring such as concrete resurfacing, as this can create a decorative finished that is also hardy. In fact, polished concrete floors are very en vogue for commercial buildings right now, and they take barely any maintenance at all, making them a practical and cost-effective choice for an impactful reception area.


One way to increase the impact that your reception area has on guests is to include tech items. Flat screen televisions are a good call, and these can show a mix of company related adverts as well as news programs.

Coffee machines are also something that tends to be received with delight by visitors because it means they can help themselves to refreshments as they wait.

Of course, to create the right impression, it's essential to go for a higher-end pod machine that can make a range of coffees at the touch of a button. Something that will minimize the time your guy or girl or reception has to spend away from the desk, as well as impress your visitors.


Lastly, do not forget to include some greenery in your reception area if you can. Fake plants can look good, but if at all possible use real ferns and palms to create a more pleasant atmosphere.


Yes, they will require a bit of looking after, but the additional work is worth it as they can help to create just the right first impression as your guest comes through the door.