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Malaysia is about to reach a milestone, as it approaches its Vision 2020 goal of achieving a sustainable, emerging economy that supports the overall spiritual health of the country. As a part of setting the stage for a prosperous, enriched nation, businesses are finding Malaysia a source of entrepreneurial opportunities. However, like with all endeavors, you need a place from which to do business.

Finding office space can be made much simpler by letting the experts who furnish many of the serviced offices in and around Malaysia help you with your office solutions. The serviced office alleviates many of the issues related to the initial costs related to leasing and staffing an office. The benefits of this type of fit out only outweigh the disadvantages.

Keep reading to about the benefits of operating a business out of a serviced office.

Keeping It Simple

One of the main reasons the serviced office is the best plan for those looking to keep overhead low without sacrificing quality is that much of the work of putting the office together is already completed before you move into your new office. The furniture is provided, the amenities are all-inclusive, and there is a receptionist available to answer calls and take messages. Depending on the leasing company, in some cases, you have access to a messaging system that will answer your calls on off hours.

With a conventional lease, you would be responsible for organizing and arranging your office move, which could take months. Furthermore, in contrast to the serviced office, you would find yourself consumed by paying deposits and making sure the lights are on in the building with a conventional lease. Ultimately, the serviced office keeps it simple for businesses looking for office space.

Keeping Monthly Costs Manageable

The number of invoices coming into your office in a month can be overwhelming, and on top of paying for rent and the other utilities, that stack of bills gets, even more, intimidating to tackle. One of the greater advantages to the serviced office is that because you only receive one bill at the end of the month your payment is typically much lower than with a conventional lease. More importantly, though, the serviced office billing format allows you to maintain and track your business spending in a much more organized manner because you have one bill.

Allowing For Ease Of Mobility And Scalability

Again, with the video-conferencing capabilities available, you can pretty much do business in a number of locations all from the same conference or meeting room. Not only can you conference with others in other locations, you can also reserve meeting rooms globally with some of the international organisations. This mobility provides you with more opportunities for one main reason. If you want to test out new markets, having access to office solutions in other locations negates you even having to travel , which can be expensive in and of itself.

The serviced office also allows you to expand or downsize depending on your business’s need. Because the leases are easily modifiable, as your business grows, you can add to your leasing package. Conversely, the leases are short enough (as little as a month) that if you need to close up shop you are not bound to an excessively long contract.

A Simpler Solution To Office Space

The serviced office is really a good bargain, when thinking about the amount you can spend trying to lease conventional office space. More importantly, the serviced office lease alleviates some of the problems associated with moving into a new office. For your budget, the serviced office lightens the load on your wallet. For your emotional wellness, it allows you peace of mind as you go about managing your business.