Whether you run a small business or an international corporation with multiple branches, the premises in which you work play an important role. If you don’t choose the right office space, this can hold you back. Are your current premises geared up for growth, or are they stopping you from reaching your potential?


When you’re moving office, it’s essential to consider the location. If you’re not in the right place, this can be incredibly costly. If you’re currently renting office space, and the location isn’t quite right, consider moving. It may seem like a massive upheaval to relocate, but it could be a very shrewd move, and you can enlist the services of moving companies to make the process faster and a lot less stressful. Location is key in many industries. If you have a large workforce, you need to be close to transport links and towns and cities where you’ll find skilled employees. If you work in logistics, production or sales or you liaise with clients or colleagues on a daily basis, your office should be accessible. Your address can also affect the impression you make. If you have an office in a very lucrative, affluent district that has an excellent reputation in the industry, this may entice potential clients.

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Every business needs space. Some need a lot more than others, but if it’s cramped, everyone is on top of each other, and you haven’t got room to do what you need to do, this can make for very unpleasant working conditions. If your business is growing, consider looking at other options. Relocating incurs costs, but if you’re keen to expand, moving will hopefully pay off. Sometimes, if you move out of town, you can pick up larger premises for a similar price. If the success of your business is not wholly dependent on location, this makes financial sense. If you want to stay in the same area, research rental costs and purchase prices for larger units and do some sums. Sometimes, you have to speculate to accumulate.     

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Aesthetics and ambience

You may think that running a successful business is all about generating profits, but there are a lot of processes that make this end goal attainable. One of the most important aspects of business management is having a team that works for you. If your employees are motivated, driven, and enthusiastic, they’ll put in the effort for you. Your workplace can have a significant impact on you when it comes to your energy levels and how efficiently you can do your job. As a company boss, it’s your job to create an office that inspires the workforce and promotes productivity. Don’t just leave the walls blank and go for beige chairs and wooden desks. Inject some creative flair, design spaces that are suitable for group work and projects, and boost wellbeing. It’s proven that natural light and plants are good for the mind and soul.

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Every business owner should think carefully about what their business premises say about the company and how they fit in with the ethos of the firm. If you’re not happy with your office space, it may be worth considering relocating.