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Starting a business requires a lot of energy and enthusiasm. You also have to have a great threshold for stress, a penchant for multitasking and a keen eye for detail. Besides these skills, you have to be able to lead. If your business is going to become a success, you have to attract investors and convince them that you are worth the risk that they’ll be taking with their money. When it comes to hiring employees, while you may be offering them money and stability, they are offering you their time (the average person works 90000 hours over the course of their lifetime so it is a big investment). As much as they need to convince you that they are right for the job, and for your company, you have to convince them that you will be able to offer them a chance to progress and to succeed in their own right. It takes a lot to be an entrepreneur, and many people fail because they were not up to the task.

However, the cruel reality of the business world is that while it may take a lot to get started, you need to be just as dedicated and tireless if you want to keep going. Maintaining success is harder in many ways than achieving it in the first place because you have to keep it going for as long as you still need to make money (that is, for the rest of your career). If you are finding that you’ve got off the ground with your business and you want to continue the success that you’ve had, here are a few tips to help you keep your business running smoothly:

Murphy’s law dictates that if something can go wrong, it will. This is just a reality of life. The best thing that you can do is try to think prophylactically and deal with problems before they arise. You may be good at a time of crisis, but it is better not to face crises at all. One thing that you can do to prevent any possible annoyances in the future is invest in things like a firewall for your computer infrastructure. In the UK last year, one in five businesses were subject to cyber attacks. These can put you out of business if they compromise your ability to trade. Also, they can ruin your reputation if any of your customers’ sensitive financial information is released. No one will trust you with theirs in the future.

The logistical side of your business is one that will always require a great deal of work. To get everything right, you need patience and a professional attitude. If a business is run even the least bit inefficiently, it may fail to compete with its rivals. This is why you should consider outsourcing some of the more difficult logistical aspects of your business such as transit (check out roadmaster transportation for example).

One of the biggest potential pitfalls to avoid to continue running a successful business is not upsetting the IRS. Hiring a tax accountant to submit your returns can save you from all sorts of trouble.