by Lina Martinez



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When you first set up a business, you may opt to work from home. Generally, people will set up a type of home office where they can separate their home life from their work life and get things done without being distracted or procrastinating too much. However, as your business starts to take off, you may want to expand, taking on staff members or negotiating meetings with other professionals in order to help your business grow. Though your home office may have sufficed until this point, you’re likely to need somewhere that is going to be a little more professional and provide an appropriate working space for employees and conferences or meetings of sorts too. This could be the best thing that you’ve ever done for your company and its brand image. However, with a seemingly never-ending stream of businesses constantly vying for commercial and office space, the process may seem a little competitive and daunting. But not to worry. Here are a few tips and tricks that should help you to upgrade from your home office space with as little hassle as possible.

Renting Instead of Buying

Buying an office space is a huge investment and might not be the best option while your company is still finding its feet. You might be expanding, but you should generally consider offices rental rather than purchase until you’re well established and are one hundred percent confident that your company will continue to operate well into the future. This means that you’re not tied into an ongoing commercial mortgage should things take a turn for the worst or if you decide to change your career options. Rental is also a lot more flexible should you expand again in the near future and require to switch up to an even larger commercial space.

Creating a Productive Environment

Various studies have shown that the space individuals work in can have a direct impact on their productivity levels. So while you may think that any space will be sufficient, it’s important to be a little more diligent with your property search. Consider focusing on aspects of each space, lighting, and color palettes. Individuals with more personal space are likely to feel more comfortable and are more likely to work harder when they are distant from others’ immediate distraction. Lighting can influence employees’ circadian rhythms, so look for as much natural lighting as possible, as this will encourage individuals to feel bright and alert throughout their shift. Color palettes can also affect mood, so opt for neutral tones to keep spirits high. Whatever space you opt for, remember that your staff are the lifeblood of your company and its success, so it’s a good idea to invest in their work space and to ensure that they’re as comfortable and content in the space as possible.

It is important to remember that when you are expanding from a home office, your new professional space needs to accommodate people other than yourself. So make sure that you are catering to others’ needs as well as your own!