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From the color to the artwork, the furnishings to the temperature, the comfort levels of your office will dictate not only how much your staff enjoy coming to work every day, but also their productivity levels. When staff feel cared about, relaxing in their surroundings, and comfortable at their desk is when they produce some of their best work.

Zone it

If an office is solely a work space, staff have nowhere to go to bond, to breakout from the confines of their immediate projects, or even to work together as a team on a group assignment. When an office is about work work work, it is typical that staff get tunnel vision - they do the work they are assigned to do, but thinking outside of the box becomes almost impossible. In an office which is cleverly zoned, staff are able to move around in the space, and allow ideas and interests to move around and develop too. At the very least, ensure your office has a breakout zone with comfortable couches and handy tables. Meetings between staff are far more productive in a comfortable and inspiring environment than in a stuffy, gray office.

Furnish it

When people feel uncomfortable, they tire more quickly, and their work becomes lower quality. Poor office furniture can be a major cause of this. Not only does it cause them pain while working, but it can slow them down. As an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure that workers are not experiencing damage to their bodies while working in your office. Ergonomic office furniture, where their backs are properly supported, their desks and screens are the right height to avoid neck strain, and they don’t have to move unnecessarily around their space can see staff productivity boom.

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Cool it

Getting the temperature right is crucial. If your staff are shivering throughout winter, they’re not going to be working at their best. And by the same token, if they’re drowning in their own sweat in summer, they’re probably more likely to doze off on their desk than they are to make a major breakthrough. Effective heating and cooling are a really important investment. A commercial AC system with variable refrigerant flow is an effective way to cool an office building, as different areas can be heated and cooled to different temperatures, depending on requirements. While the upfront costs might be higher, it’s a far more effective system, and you can save money long-term by not cooling areas which don’t need it.

Decorate it

Finally, a gray, drab environment is not exactly inspiring. While bright colors can be considered distracting, they’re also energizing. People take their inspiration from their surroundings - what would you prefer, gray and prosaic, or bright and ground-breaking? Colors can be used to help to zone the office, but also to bring in some sense of identity. Large decals of your logo on the wall show a sense of pride, and can also look modern and fun. Remember, the decor of your office has to reflect your company’s ethos.