by Nigel Hilton

When it comes to business, you could argue success comes down to the structures you put in place at crucial moments. These are what hold or collapse your company. So, everything hinges on getting them right.

Of course, operating a company isn’t all about pivotal moments. The day to day running won't require constant structural efforts. But, it is essential to know when you need to place new foundations, and how you can set about it. The good news is, pivotal business moments should be easy to spot. In case you’re having trouble, we’re going to consider three primary times to lay stable structures for continued success.

Your planning stages

Rarely is business structure as crucial as when you’re starting out. By writing a business plan, you’re laying the first and most essential foundations. That’s why it’s worth getting the help of guides like this one on If you get this wrong, you may struggle with everything you do from here. After all, even the best building will wobble on a shaky structure. Which is why you should focus on everything, from what your company is, to where you’d like it to go. It’s also crucial to develop a decent plan for marketing and advertisements. After all, these are essential for your success. A decent marketing campaign is always a good foundation. It’s undoubtedly a solid footing on which to start. That said, a lousy campaign can achieve the opposite. It’s a shaky foundation, and your business will likely tumble. So, take your time here, and consider what image you wish to get across.

Your expansion endeavours

Few of us start in the business world without at least some thought of how we can expand. That’s what this all comes down to. Of course, building foundations here varies from company to company. For one enterprise, a well-structured expansion may come down to working out how to take your service mobile. For another, this may be about employing staff in the right way, and keeping up decent working relationships. In some cases, building the right foundations for expansion may even be taken literally. After all, you need a physical space if you want to get anywhere in any field. And, using structural assists like the aggregate piers offered at and other sites like them is sure to lead to success. Much as you did with your original plan, it’s essential to sit down and consider how to build a structure for successful expansion. Then, you’ll be in the best position to get to work.

Building your future


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Of course, you also need to build a successful structure on which to create your future in the business world. In some part, your business itself is that structure. Build a decent enterprise, and you already have a solid footing on which to base your future. But, you may also need to set aside money and fall back on long-term career goals to ensure your foundations stay strong for years to come.