Productivity is essential to the success of a business. But hypocritical bosses kill the cohesion of a team and the motivation of your workers. If you’re trying to get them more productive, you have to make sure that you’re pushing yourself as well. If you’re having trouble getting enough work done to justify your position, then it’s time to kick yourself into high gear.

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Get in the zone

Besides all the specific tools and tricks that are going to help you make more progress through the workload, it’s important to realize how important your mental state is. You own the business, so you should be more motivated than most. If you’re not, however, there might be a few reasons. One of the most common reasons is that you don’t give yourself enough time to get ready in the morning. If you’re feeling rushed off your feet by the time you get into work, you will never find a happy balance for the working day. Take time, get up early and craft a morning ritual like the one mentioned in Get into work feeling fresh and ready to tackle the day.

Organize your workload approach

If you have more work to get on with than you can actually do, then it can feel like you’re drowning. That’s not good for anyone’s productivity and it can feel like you spend more time choosing what to do than actually doing stuff. The way to handle that is by learning how to prioritize your work. For instance, you can create a matrix that ranks tasks in the orders of importance and urgency. Or you can order them by importance and the amount of time it takes to do them. The crucial thing is to not let yourself get bogged down by spending all day on tasks that contribute little value in the end. One such common task is dealing with emails. Just set yourself an hour in the beginning of the day to take care of all your non-urgent emails.

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Get the computer to do more

We all have a very valuable friend in the tech we have in the audience. When it comes to cutting down your workload, nothing is better. Besides the fact that there’s plenty of software, like a good excel spreadsheet, that can cut down the amount of effort that goes into a task, there are also pieces of software that take them off your hands entirely. For instance, packages like can automate a huge amount of your HR admin work. HR, budgeting, and the like are all important parts of the business that can’t be ignored. But they can be automated to a degree, meaning you get to tick that off the list. You also don’t have to deal with the mind-numbing, motivation-sucking effects of being stuck doing administrative busywork for hours at a time.

Stop wasting time

Sometimes, we are our own worst enemy. If you waste too much of your time, you need to make it a lot harder to do so. For instance, if the internet distracts you too much, then you should consider getting a block put in place for certain websites by one of the more IT-savvy crewmembers. On the other hand, take another look at the work environment. Cluttered, uninspiring offices are just as big an engagement drain. Make sure your desk is always tidy and that it is within reach of everything you need to do work. Don’t give yourself excuses to meander around the office.

Sometimes, it takes just one person to make a whole business unproductive. If that one person is the boss, then it’s a guarantee it’s going to ripple throughout the place. Set a good example and justify yourself when you work on other people's’ productivity issues. Get more done.