By Nigel Hilton

If you currently have a business that offers a service or numerous services, one effective way to branch out and grow your business is by taking your service mobile. If you go to people, rather than have people come to you, you can grow your client base, raise business awareness, and enjoy a number of other benefits.

But how do you even get started? Read on for some things you’ll need to take care of!

Know What Areas You’re Going To Cover

First of all, you need to know which areas you’re going to cover. For example, some businesses will do call outs to the closest surrounding areas for free, but then charge per mile after this. It’s totally up to you how you decide to do it, but you need to work out what’s going to generate the most interest for you and be worth your time. It’s not going to be worth travelling hundreds of miles to do a job unless you’re taking into account and charging for the time it takes you to get there too.

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Come Up With A New Marketing Plan

You’re going to need to come up with a new marketing plan when you decide to do something new like this. Come up with new campaign ideas and figure out how you’re going to make it known that this is what you’re doing now. You can use social media as a free tool, but you might want to find a more effective, paid way to do this that will have a bigger reach.

Make A List Of New Equipment

You’re going to need new equipment if you’re planning on taking your business mobile. For example, massage therapists would need portable tables and caddys. If you need a special vehicle, make sure you the right kind, and know whether you need to find roll up doors for a faster and safer service. Make sure that the money you’ll spend on new equipment will be worth it - if you don’t market this new service correctly, it won’t take off.

Make The Appropriate Changes To Content

Make sure you take a look at your content and add this service, using appropriate keywords to your social media pages, website, and anywhere else it will be relevant. You can even create some new content promoting this service. Blog posts and vlogs can be super effective ways of talking about a new service and making it interesting for the viewer.

Get The Right Type Of Insurance

Make sure you look at your insurance policy, and if it doesn’t cover you, change it so that it does. You can’t risk things like this. It’ll be far too expensive for your business and you could put others in jeopardy. Take out the policy before you launch the service!

Are you ready to take your service mobile? It could be one of the best things you do for your business providing you use the information here. Make sure you leave your thoughts below!

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