When we work at a job for long enough we often push ourselves past our limits for the sake of the company. If your boss has ever asked you to stay behind after work and get an hour or two of extra work in, then you’re either a valued employee or you’re being abused. However, some people enjoy the overtime because it gives them extra money on top of their salary and the feeling of helping the company they work for is surprisingly uplifting.

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Sadly, some people don’t realise when they are overworking themselves and they don’t stop until they pass out or start suffering adverse consequences such as depression, insomnia or other dangerous effects. If you feel like you’re overworking yourself, then take a step back and look at some of these pointers to find out if you are in serious need of a holiday.

You haven’t had a holiday for a while

If it’s been a long time since you’ve had a break from work, then you’re due for a holiday. Many people don’t realize that they are entitled to at least 28 days of holiday in a year and, depending on the employer, you might even be forced to take these days off for your own good. Some workaholics might feel the need to continue working and ignore these holidays, but the fact is you’re doing yourself no good by constantly pushing yourself. Everyone needs to relax at some point, so don’t neglect your own health and accept those days off.

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Your boss is pushing you

Some people don’t realize it until they get an outside opinion, but some employers are great at concealing the fact they are abusing an employee for overtime and putting them under pressure. You should never be pushing yourself to a point that you are working through an injury or an accident that you’ve encountered, and you should never feel forced to return to work even if you’ve had an accident in the workplace. If a friend or loved one tells you that they’re concerned about your well-being, then consider speaking to a lawyer such as Jacob Partiyeli. They specialize in exercising the rights of workers, so whether it’s working extreme overtime, being bullied into helping the company or even working through an injury, look for help regarding your issue.

You feel swamped with work

At the end of your work day, you should feel accomplished. You should feel like you’ve finished your work and that you’re ready for to relax, and the next work day will bring new challenges and tasks. Perhaps there are some bits and pieces of work that will carry over to the next day, but generally, you should have a sense of closure after you finish a day’s work. If you feel like you are constantly unable to catch up with your work, or that you have a massive backlog of work on top of your daily tasks, then perhaps you’re taking on far too much work than you should be. Ease your workload, speak with your boss and discuss ways to cut down the amount of work you do so that you aren’t overworking yourself.