Whether you’re an electrician, a plumber, a renovator, roof repair expert or any other kind of contractor, you are in control of how you work. The way you work, solo or with a limited team, allows you a lot more freedom to decide work hours and other aspects of the job. It also allows a lot more control over how much money you make than most businesses. There could be a few steps you’re missing to really get those profits up that won’t take too much trouble to implement at all.


Work on your packaging

The first thing you need to think about is how attractive you make your services to the potential client. A contractor’s work is essential to most clients, so they have a need so how do you make sure you’re the one they’ll go to and not your competitors? It’s all in the brand. First, think about visibility. Sending flyers to new homeowners, optimizing your search engine presence online, and branding your vehicle can improve the visibility of the business. Then you need to make sure you’re giving off the right impression when they follow that brand. You need a professionally designed site with clean composition and easy-to-understand content. You also need to make it trustworthy, so consider collecting testimonials to have the power of word-of-mouth there on the site.

Be willing to offer more

Having a niche is good. If there’s some part of your duties that you can offer more expertise than your competitors, make that the core of your brand. But don’t ignore the other services that you could expand on if you were able. The two reasons that some contractors find it difficult to understand is down to the cost and the training needed. But some equipment hiring services can hit both those marks at once. Some aerial work platform hire services, for instance, not only offer the chance to hire the equipment you need at a cheaper price than it would take to buy. Those services can also offer the all-important operation and safety training you need to be able to legally operate the equipment.

Make sure you’re not wasting your time

There comes a lot of responsibility with running your own business besides just getting the job done. Checking emails, keeping your marketing going, organizing payroll for any of the staff you have under your charge. You also have the fact that you don’t entirely know how well your team is spending their time. You need to change that. Start implementing time management tools in the business, including apps that can keep you on top of not only your own schedule but the schedules of everyone else in your team. Admin is important, but you need to know when to give it a rest and get back to the work that actually makes you money. Get more time efficient.

Find more opportunities for employment, whether that means improving the reach and impact of your brand or by taking on more kinds of work. Then make sure you’re getting it all done by making your working day as efficient as possible.

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