By Nigel Hilton

The global gaming market is worth a staggering 99.6 billion, so you can’t be blamed for wanting to get in on some of the huge profit margins experienced by some companies. However, a company in gaming is exposed to the same risks as other companies as well as the same difficulties in getting it off the ground, so caution is advised. Here’s some advice on how to set up your own company.

First, Learn To Code

Some people get by without learning to code, especially if you’re using a game engine like unreal or cryengine, however, if you want to start your own company you need to learn at least the basics in coding, Javascript and C++ are great places to start, and there are some great online tutorials to get you started. You need to play around with these, and begin to practice with actual game engines. When you’re proficient, then you can get started with some of the more complex routines such as how you can create Vray.


Acquire Funding

Funding can be a nightmare to acquire, you’ll have to pitch to banks and publishers, all the while weary of losing your intellectual property. If you can fund your own game then do it. You can create an indie game or two in your spare time to get your name out in the open, then you can create attractive elements of your game and make a trailer with some screenshots and go for funding on kickstarter.

Find A Team

Usually a company is formed by more than one individual, ensure each can bring something to the business. You’ll likely need to find, at the bare minimum if you’re thinking of a console title, two programmers, two graphics artists and at least one person who can focus on marketing and knows how to handle the finance areas of your business, don’t forget you cannot just “run” the business, you need to actually contribute. It helps to get the majority of the game done before forming a team, meaning you can do bunches of writing or designing beforehand, this will save you money.

Open An Office

If you’ve got a small team then perhaps you don’t need an office, but with a bigger team it's prudent, it means you can all work together and you can check on their progress with ease. Don’t just fall into the first office space you’re offered, you need to shop around for the best deals and make sure you do the maths, if your company can’t survive long in an office then don’t rent one. Simple.

Use Marketing Effectively

Marketing can make or break your company. It can be a world changing game, but if nobody knows about it then no one can buy it. Try not to hire a marketing strategist yet, at least not on your first game where you’ll need to save money. Be logical, invite game journalists in so they can review your game, give some copies out for free to prominent games bloggers. Assign an hour or two per day where your team can raid gaming forums and talk about your new product, the same for social media, get some videos out on youtube, all of this counts as marketing.