By Lina Martinez

Have you already set your goals for 2017? Have you got your resolutions ready to go and conquer?

Maybe you want to get better next year, read more and get into shape. Don’t forget your business though. You may as well be leaving your cash register open for all if your business premises isn’t in shape.

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There are many threats to our physical business, these can come in the form of cyber-crime, environmental hazards or just from your fellow human being. If you’ve worked hard to get your business to where it is today, why would you take the risk of letting it all fall apart because of neglect.

First things first, get your property evaluated by a professional and get the repairmen in before problems escalate. If there are structural issues with your building, that is going to become a long term issue and could wreak havoc on your business. Get the place assessed and call in the experts, there is help all around for you. If your roof is leaking, that could lead to a collapse; but don’t try and fix this yourself, speak to flat roofing experts. Likewise, if your walls are crumbling in, call in the foreman and his team. There is help for every aspect of structural repairs, so don’t be afraid to reach out all.

A flaw in your structure can leave your business wide open to theft. If your locks, windows or doors are aging, seek replacements before it’s taken from you. In a perfect world people wouldn’t take your stuff, but instead leave it respectfully alone. Unfortunately, we don’t yet live in a perfect world. That doesn’t mean you need to let your property be broken into! There are plenty of precautions you can take to prevent this from happening and chief among them is actually deciding to lock the front door. Secure and protect your building. You may want to consider adding an alarm system that will alert the authorities to a break-in, if you haven’t already. Locking down your business is the best way to deter crime and criminal threats. Don’t make your business storefront an easy target and keep your staff, stock and profits safe by keeping your property secure at all times, especially when it is vacant.


It’s not just your building that needs to be secure, it’s your systems. Cyber-crime is a growing threat to your business and there are people out there who will look to take advantage of any weaknesses and exploit your systems to gain data and financial information. Scan your computers with anti-virus software regularly to ensure your computers are virus free. Don’t allow hackers and scammers a backdoor into your business.

If you neglect your business, you may as well just give money away, because it’s going to be taken away from you at some point. Take care of your business and the property it is based in, and eliminate problems before they ruin your profits and future! It doesn’t have to be hard.