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By  Jerry Mooney

Is it possible to succeed alone in the business world without any help from other companies or individuals outside your business? The answer is a most definite no. No business is an island on the market. If it is, there will always be ships heading back and forth supplying trade and new business partnerships. Without the support of other companies, you will struggle to find a solid footing for your company. That’s just the way the economy works, we’re afraid. If you have people behind your business, you will be a force to be reckoned with. If you don’t your company might be pushed out of the market before the year is out. The question is how do you ensure that you will build the relationships that strengthen your company. How can you guarantee that your business has the name people trust and support? We’ve got some ideas.

Attend Business Shows And Exhibitions

Our first piece of advice is that you make sure your company is not invisible. There are plenty of businesses that don’t bother with business exhibitions or tradeshows. They either feel as though they are too big for these type of events or it wouldn’t be beneficial. But attending a show like this is always going to be beneficial. At the very least, you will remind people that your business exists and keep it in their mind. We’re not just talking about customers here but potential business partners and investors as well.

A tradeshow or exhibition also gives you the chance to shake hands with the right people. Would Facebook be where it was today without the support of the backers? Would Steve Jobs have succeeded with Apple if he hadn’t gained the support of a wealthy investor? The answer of course is no and that’s what you need to remember. When you look at a larger company you might see the owner as the person in charge. But that’s not the case at all. It’s the shareholders who have invested, the board who have poured the money in. These are the people who guaranteed the company succeeded. These are the type of individuals that you need to meet if you want your business to reach the same level of success.

If you are thinking about attending a trade show or exhibition you should make sure that you have something interesting to show or say. It needs to be a product, idea or concept that separates you from the rest of the crowd. A lot of people think that the year before an exhibition is spent getting the marketing materials ready. When in fact, it’s mostly spend deciding what to sell and how to present it.

Hire The Right Team

It’s not the product or the service that builds relations between businesses and it’s certainly not the company as a whole. Instead, it’s select individuals working for that business. Larger companies often hire a professional procurer. A procurer is someone who’s sole job is to ensure that you get the deals that you want and the handshakes that you need. They guarantee your company the supply of products and services that keep your business functioning as it should. To get a top procurer, you need to use a recruitment agency such as Portfolio Procurement. These guys have full access to all the talent available on the market. Remember, the best procurers will already have the connections you need. You won’t have to wait for them to build up your contracts. They are there, they are ready.

Of course, you’ll need more than just a procurer if you want to get those crucial business deals. You need to make sure that you have a skilled marketer on your team as well. A marketer will be able to build business leads online and offline. Leads could be described as opportunities for your business. They are chances that you need to get that deal because companies find your company. The find you, they see what you can offer them, and they want in. But to say this could happen without a great level of SEO is a lie. It couldn’t and it never would because and business would never find your company in the first place.

Then you need to think about the people who are actually out trying to secure the deals that you need. Are they impressive in both appearance and personality? Do they ooze appeal, because they need to. When a new potential business partner meets someone who is working to win a deal for you they need to be instantly impressed. They have to represent every idea that you want attached to your business. We imagine these are modern, success, professional, fresh and perhaps efficient. Think about this when you are hiring people who will represent you in business deals.

Invest In Tech

You probably don’t think that the tech you use has an effect on the type of business partnerships that you accumulate. But of course, it does because just by using the latest tech your business looks modern. It seems like the type of company that is ready to take on the future and more importantly win. But a boost in the perception of your business isn’t the only benefit that you’ll get from investing in the latest tech.

You will also have the opportunity to reach for business partnerships that are further afield. We’re talking about international trading possibilities. Or perhaps forming a deal with a partner in a country that you never thought you’d connect to. For instance, a lot of businesses now outsource parts of their company to countries like China. This helps them cut costs and stay competitive. You can do this too. But only if you have the right tech that will ensure connecting is easy and fast.

You might have guessed we’re talking about cloud servers. But really this is just one of the pieces of tech that you should be using. Take the first steps towards the future with innovation and we think you’ll be pleased by the new paths that are open to you.

Good luck using these ideas to strengthen your position, forming healthy new business partnerships.