By Nigel Hilton

As a business owner you will have enough troubles to deal with day in, day out — you don’t need to add techno turmoil to that list. You will already have to deal with things like customer satisfaction, employee relations and accounting errors, you don’t need to tech headaches as well. So, rid your business of all the tech turmoil it is liable to face by taking heed of the turmoil avoiding advice below.

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Invest in strong software

Today, unfortunately, the online world is full of cyber criminals just waiting to try their luck at tapping into your business’s accounts and systems in order to hold it to ransom for monetary gain. Unfortunately, this is just the way the world is and there is no point in trying to deny it. But, you can fight this crime, and the techno turmoil it can bring, by simply strengthening your business’s software. By working alongside a professional in the world of custom software development you will be able to tap into the knowhow needed to make a software truly impenetrable from the outside, leaving you with little chance of ever being broken into by a petty online thief. And, to only further the strengthening of your business’s software, you should invest in protective measures that are designed specifically to fight spam. For instance, one such strengthening tool that you should enlist the help of is one that fights malware and is able to spot malicious online attacks, such as those that are hidden away in emails. You should employ anti-spam technology that will help your business’s software stay safe in this manner and one that is able to differentiate between genuine and bogus attacks online. Only when your software is strengthened in these ways can you be truly sure that your business is safe from the techno turmoil that is cyber criminality.

Make sure your employees take security awareness training

When it comes to fending off all of the tech turmoil that is just waiting to engulf your business, you have to be shoring your business up on all fronts. You have to be making sure it is protected in all aspects, and at all times. And, the best way to do this is to ensure that your employees take what is known as security awareness training. Yes, and despite how far-fetched and unnecessary this might seem, it’s not. It’s not because your employees are the ones that are going to be spending the most time using your business’s tech, and they’re the ones that are going to be bringing the bulk of the outside tech into your working space that is going to pose a danger to your tech. So, your employees need to be trained in the act of security awareness, and they need to be trained in at as soon as possible.

What such training would entail is your employees learning about how to make the job of your anti-spam software easier by themselves being able to spot malicious and fraudulent online scams. For instance, on such a training course you employees would learn how to spot bogus emails and then how to deal with them, they would learn about how spyware works and what it can do and they would learn about what they should and should not be doing when using your business’s computer systems. And, even more importantly still, your employees would learn about just what dangers their own technology poses to your business’s technology; they would learn that more often than not the enemy could lie within when it comes to the dawning of techno turmoil. Yes, the tech that your employees bring into the office, such as their smartphones devices, and then the way they use these devices, can pose a great danger to your business’s systems. An example of this can be found in the fact that upon the surge of Pokemon Go, specifically the surge of it being played in the office by business employees, there was also a surge in business data being accessed by third parties. Now, these third parties didn’t necessarily pose a threat to business systems, but if they had been hacked then they would have; if they had been hacked so would the business’s data, and that would have been techno turmoil in itself. And this is what security awareness training would teach your employees: they would learn what tech of theirs that they can use when in your business’s working environment, and what they cannot.

Work alongside an uptime operator

Your business’s website is only inviting, informative and intriguing if it can be seen, and that is the truth. Yes, a website is only good and only does its job if it is up and running for all to see; it is when this is not the case that fresh techno turmoil arises. You see, your business’s website could have everything you could possibly want it to have and give information on everything you could possibly want it to give, but if it crashes then it will all be nothing. If it crashes then your business’s website stands to lose you a whole host of custom, both now and in the future.

To ensure that this kind of techno turmoil does not engulf your business, make sure you are working alongside an uptime operator such as UptimeRobot at all times. What such an operator would do is watched your business’s website for instances of downtime, and if it were to see this brand of techno turmoil it would alert you right away. It would then be your job, whether it be day or night, to act upon this alert and to get your website up and running again swiftly.