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By Brian McKay

If there's one concept that lies at the heart of every single successful business, however, different they may be from one another, it's this: efficiency. Efficiency is the difference between a decent business to one that is able to become something truly great. If your business isn't running efficiently, then that's going to have a knock-on effect on every other aspect of it. Most of the time, a lack of efficiency comes from not really understanding what your business could be doing better. Many businesses would find that, were they aware of how the could improve efficiency, the methods of doing so are actually quite simple. With that in mind, here are just a few ways that you can easily increase the levels of efficiency in your business.


An efficient business is one that is built on a strong bedrock of infrastructure. Infrastructure is the pillar upon which the rest of your business rests and without it, your business is never going to be the well-oiled machine that it needs to be. This applies to online infrastructure, enterprise security as well as the physical infrastructure of the office itself. If any of these things aren't supported, then they can bring the entire business crashing down around them. This means that you should never just assume that everything is working properly, make sure that Internet connections and security measures are constantly being tested and maintained. Otherwise, you could end up with a rather nasty surprise when productivity suddenly grinds to a halt.

Well-managed employees

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Employees can genuinely be the thing that makes or breaks the efficiency of a business. They've got to be able to function as a team so that they don't end up drifting off in different directions. It's also important that every team member is working as hard as any other. If one person isn't pulling their weight, then it's going to drag everyone down as they struggle to carry that person. Don't be afraid to cut out any dead weight from your company. A lot of the time a smaller team that's working in unison is far more effective than a larger one that features people who aren't willing to put in the same level of work as anyone else. You should also be sure to provide training to all staff members so that the introduction of anything new to the business doesn't result in a drop in productivity.


Take a moment to look at your business and ask yourself which elements could be combined, adjusted or removed entirely. One of the biggest drains on a business's efficiency levels is energy being wasted in the wrong places. If for example, you have two members of staff doing a job that they could easily do in half the time, then consider combining those two roles. That way you're not going to end up wasting money paying two people for the amount of work that a single person could do just as easily.

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