By Harrish Sairaman

One of the biggest hurdles that you have to pass through when shifting from one phase of life to another is doing well in your exams! For some parents, it can be an ultimate dream for their children.

You have to pass a series of exams to enter the university/college of your dreams. You have to pass all the academic exams to earn your degree. You have to pass a licensure exam to obtain a license to practice your profession. It is a problem that you have to deal with as a student and as a professional.

While it seems and might be a high-pressure task some tips can definitely help in this aspect. In addition to the tips, look here at this College Success Guide by Phyzzle.

Read these Top 8 Exam Success Tips and breeze through this hurdle in a better way.

1. Have enough time to organize the things that you have to review.

Organizing here means planning efficiently to highlight the urgent subjects or topics, and develop proper approaches to reviewing lessons that might require additional research.
Organizing needs to happen way before the exams and not when there is already firefighting!
From the things that you have to review, which ones are the most urgent and which ones might require a longer time to learn? For instance, scientific topics might require memorization, so you have to allow more time for them. Similarly, math topics might require additional research if some computation techniques and formulae still have gray areas for you.
Way ahead planning and organizing not only helps during exams but this habit later helps in life to achieve greater heights!

2. Choose an effective mnemonic device for the lessons.

A mnemonic device is a memorization technique to help you recall information during the exam. You can use association to create a connection between each detail, such as when you connect the dots in history. You can use chunking to categorize different details, such as when you memorize the different periodic elements according to their classification. Meanwhile, you can use acrostics or acronym to remember phrases or long names, such as when you are memorizing names of organizations and companies.
Using a mnemonic device will also make long lessons seem shorter because you are able to divide them into different groups and connect the ones that are related to each other.
With technology advancement, you can use many tools and methods to achieve this.

3. Rewrite and put important details in diagrams.

Rewriting lessons allows your brain to memorize certain details for the second time. There is no need to rewrite everything. Just do it for the important details and keywords.
Making a diagram or flow chart is also killing two birds with one stone. Aside from re-familiarizing yourself with the lessons, you are also able to create a concise outline that you can reuse later on.
Mind maps can also be powerful for remembrance and recall. For all who are not aware of Mind Maps do read about it on the internet. Chart papers pasted in the study rooms and bedrooms in a mind map format can help recall it in a better way. The image of what is importantly being in front of us has been known to enter the subconscious easily and this has been a time tested approach. Now one has to ensure it has to be done well in advance rather than just paste it a day before the exam!!!!!

4. Have the right partner

Having an exam partner helps break the challenges of starting initially. Many students might have a desire or even promise to themselves to start early but then eventually land up studying seriously just days before the exams! Reason and justifications can be many and hence forming a group of students/partner will help as you have the common goal of succeeding and you can have challenges to finish chapters in a short span of time!!! Collaboration not only will help here but will go a long way in Life and will become a contributing factor to becoming an effective manager and leader in the future!

5. Explain your answers to possible questions.

This exercise works very well for essay-type exams. Create a list of possible questions from your lessons, and try to answer them one by one as clearly and concise as possible. Playing the answers in your head over and over again makes it easier for you to answer similar questions during the actual exam. It is also easier to find loopholes in your answers when you listen to yourself.
You can also ask friends and family to listen to you and argue with your answers to learn how to defend and reason out. This not only helps the main purpose but also helps in improving the quality of thinking and communication

6. Practice using past exams or similar exams online.

Employment exams usually follow a standard format, especially the ones by human resources officers. You can easily find standard formats online.
Many professors in schools also have a proclivity for certain exam types. Practicing on previously given exams is a good way to prepare for future ones.
This is sure the majority of students anyway do, but this works on a psychological level also. When you are able to solve the past papers it gives a good level of confidence and motivation which might help in the future exams.

7. Use hypnotic scripts

Using hypnotic scripts for confidence, memory recall, and audio lessons heard during the night before sleeping is a great idea. Hypnosis works at a level of a subconscious and hence can be a great support for students to Peak their performance in exams.

8. Hire a Mind Coach

We do hire a tuition teacher, enroll for coaching classes. Every rarely people understand that any exams are also a great mind work. If the exams are important it is worth hiring a mind coach, a hypnotherapist who can work at conscious and subconscious levels to boost confidence, overcome fears, lethargy, build the right focus, passion and even shift the ‘dislike’ of a subject to a ‘like’, a hypnotherapist can definitely do that by working on the root issue at a subconscious level. Every student may not like all subjects, some are favorites and some can be painful!!! One need not love it but hatred will definitely reduce the scores!!!! So, working with the mindset to crack exams and interviews is an integral part and hiring a mind coach is a great investment!!!!

These Top 8 Exam Success Tips can act as a catalyst for your goal of great scores. Your dedication and willingness to learn are still more important as they will decide for your motivation to review, research, and learn new things.